🏠🛠️ Exciting News for New HDB BTO Flat Owners in Singapore 2024 !



Introducing the HDB Renovation Group Buying initiative, now open for you! If this is your first time hearing about it, prepare to be amazed! Renovation can indeed be a group effort, and we’re here to make it hassle-free and cost-effective for you.

As a new HDB BTO flat owner, you stand to gain incredible benefits:

🎁   Free 3 sets of renovation plans!
🎨  Free 3 design styles to choose from!

🏠  Free shuttle service!

🍽️ Free meals and drinks !

🆓 Free! Free! Free!

Are you worried about transportation to our factory and showroom? Fret not! We’ve got you covered with our free shuttle service!

But that’s not all! To ensure your visit is truly enjoyable, we’re pleased to offer free meals and drinks during your time with us.

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Plus, when you join us, you’ll enjoy the following perks:

👫 No third-party extras
🛠️ No unreliable small companies
⏳ No wasted time or budget
💼 No post-renovation service worries
🍃 No concerns about harmful chemicals from renovation materials,We use zero formaldehyde(zero VOC) healthy and environmentally friendly plywood tested and certified by Singapore, France, China and Japan.

With our services, living in your HDB can be as luxurious and convenient as residing in a condo, starting today!

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And the savings don’t stop there!

Enjoy 5% off with a group of 5 flat owners!

Enjoy 10% off with a group of 10 flat owners!

Enjoy 15% off with a group of 20 flat owners!

But wait, there’s more!

Our One-Stop Solution Service includes group buying options for dining tables, sofas, appliances, beds, and more, allowing you to save even more money by shopping together!

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🏠✨ Don’t Miss Out on Our Client Open House Every Saturday!

Looking for a firsthand experience of what we have to offer? Join us for our Client Open House every Saturday!

It’s your chance to gain real insight into our services, explore our showroom, and witness our expertise in action.

But space is limited, so don’t wait! Start booking your slot with us now to secure your spot at our next Open House event.

See you there! 🎉


Why choose us? Because we have:

🏭 Our own large manufacturing factory!
🛠️ Professional machines from Germany!
🎨 A modern paint spraying room!
👷‍♂️ A team of 100 professional workers!!!

With collective purchasing, production, and decoration, we promise to deliver lower budgets, faster timelines, and better quality results.

Join us today and let’s make your dream home a reality, together! 🏡✨

Our first phase is open to Woodgrove Edge HDB BTO flatowners!

If you are a flatowner in other BTOs in Singapore, please stay tuned and contact us as we will be opening up group buy for your HDB BTO flat soon.



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