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Thinking it’s time for a new look in your home, but not sure what you would like? Do you have a theme in mind, but no idea how to draft it out or describe it? Our condo renovation experts are here to the rescue. Whether you are renovating your old condo Renovation or a newly bought one, our condo renovation team guarantees full satisfaction. Tell us what your dream home should look like, or browse our catalog of unique designs, each one its own masterpiece. What sets us apart from the rest is our acute attention to detail. We aim to create a design that you will be 100% satisfied with, so it is important that we work closely with you each step of the way, involving you in the renovation process. We pride ourselves on our signature clean, timeless designs that bring out the best aspects of every room. Browse the testimonials and see what our satisfied customers have to say!

At Speedy Decor, we offer a wide array of condo interior design services. Whether you want a complete redesign of your condo, or you would like to change the design of a few rooms, you can rely on our team to provide you with clean, professional results. With years of experience in the industry, we have helped individuals redesign a wide range of condos. These include small yet innovative designs, to larger complex modifications. We work hard to guarantee only the highest quality results that align with your personal preferences. We know that everyone has their own unique outlook and therefore tailor our designs to meet these needs.

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We are able to cover traditional designs that create a comfortable feeling within the home, to modern-day bespoke changes that utilize smart technology to enhance the ease of everyday life. All of this is provided at an affordable rate, allowing you to create the condo Renovation of your dreams without breaking the bank. Once we have agreed on a price, our team will make sure that the work is covered within the budget and within our agreed deadline.

Our Team

Our team itself consists of highly trained professionals, each of which brings a unique skill set to the table. They collaborate effectively to ensure your new condo interior design is not only of the highest quality but also matches your personality. We are able to help you choose everything from the furniture you would like in the room to smaller ornaments that add a little more character to your home. This ensures we guarantee a well-rounded service throughout your time with us. When we are finished with the project, our aftercare team will be available to help you with any questions or queries you may have.

Bungalow Interior Design

As well as condo interior designs, we also provide a wide range of comprehensive bungalow HDB interior design services. Much like our condo Renovation designs, our bungalow designs are tailored to your personal preferences, ensuring we design and construct the interior of your dreams. Whether you own a small or large bungalow, you can be confident that we will make the very best of the space available to create a fantastic new design. We make use of only the most updated fashion and also combine traditional designs with modern innovative smart technology to transform not only the aesthetic of your home but also the way you use each room.

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Within your bungalow, we are able to modify everything from a single room to your entire property. This includes everything from bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, to hallways, studies and living areas. We make sure that each room design compliments the next, creating a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere around your bungalow.
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Within each room, we will cover every aspect of your design from the choice of flooring to the colour of your walls and ceiling. In order to make such decisions, we will consult you directly and provide you with a range of options based on your preferences. We can also provide you with professional advice as to which colours work with one and other as well as the options you have available for new furniture (if you want new furniture installed alongside your design).
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Once the project has finished, we will not leave you alone in the dark. If you require any additional assistance as well as any help with smart technology with your home, we will be on hand to help. Our team will also provide you with additional guidebooks on particular features to ensure you get the very best out of your new bungalow interior design.

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