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No longer relying on third-party construction and installation teams, Speedy Decor has its own advanced machines, water electricians, cement masons, carpenters, and rock cutting technology, which can greatly save construction time and costs of HDB Kitchen Promotion in Singapore. However, it can achieve high-quality decoration results, allowing kitchen decoration to obtain high-quality quality and reliable after-sales service.

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A One-Stop Solution

What sets us apart from the competition is our one-stop HDB Kitchen Promotion for kitchen renovations. When you decide to entrust your kitchen upgrade to us, you’re tapping into a vast pool of expertise and resources. We have our own team of experienced designers and factory workers, meaning we can handle every aspect of your kitchen renovation without the need for third-party teams. This not only saves time but ensures quality and consistency throughout the entire process.

From the moment you place your order and confirm your HDB kitchen renovation, our team swings into action. We take care of the kitchen floor, kitchen cabinet legs, cabinets, countertops, and all the necessary water and electricity work. Our comprehensive approach eliminates the hassle of coordinating various teams, which is a common challenge in the renovation industry.

The Two-Week Promise

When it comes to HDB kitchen decoration in Singapore, time is often crucial. You may be worried about long-term renovation time, which may affect your daily work and rest time. Fortunately, our efficient process has enabled us to complete the HDB kitchen renovation in Singapore in just two weeks. Once you reach an agreement on the renovation plan, our experienced team will ensure that everything is executed accurately and quickly.

Usually, after confirming the  Singapore HDB decoration plan with the client, we can confirm to complete the construction within 2 weeks. Sometimes we can even complete all the construction within a week, in urgent situations for our clients.

There are three quality guarantees

Our reputation in the industry is built on three core pillars: product quality, construction quality, and after-sales service commitment.

Product quality guaranteed: Our factory has advanced German machinery and 30 years of experience to ensure that the kitchen components we produce meet the highest standards. Whether it’s tripods, cabinets, hardware, countertops, or any other components, we are proud of the quality of our products.

The construction quality is guaranteed: Renovation not only involves materials, but also involves the installation process and accuracy. Our 30 year professional team of kitchen renovation experts ensures that the construction quality of each project is top-notch.

After sales service can be assured: After your kitchen renovation is completed, we support our work and provide after-sales service and support to solve any problems you may have.

Kitchen Specialist in Singapore

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Experience is important, saving time and budget!!!!!!

For thirty years, we have focused on the HDB kitchen renovation works, enabling us to hone our professional knowledge and establish an impeccable reputation. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of HDB Kitchen Promotion in Singapore, and our experience enables us to achieve seamless, efficient, and high-quality renovation within two weeks.

A high-quality HDB kitchen renovation plan, with guaranteed time, we also guarantee our prices. We are different from our peers because we do not rely on any third-party team to help complete the HDB Kitchen Promotion work. This can greatly save the cost of renovation and also save money for our customers.

If you want to inject new vitality into your HDB kitchen renovation in the limited time, please consider us as companions on this exciting journey. We are not just decorating the kitchen; We are renovating the space, creating unforgettable experiences, and leaving behind a group of satisfied homeowners across Singapore. Choose us to easily and quickly renovate the kitchen, ensuring quality.

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