The one issue all Singaporeans will face — the heat and humidity. Heat and humidity comes in a set on our sunny island – it leaves us feeling hot and bothered most of the time. We often find ourselves relying on air conditioning systems to deal with the humidity.

If you’re staying in a landed property, a proper ventilation system is extremely crucial as with such a huge layout, it might be difficult for the cool air to circulate to each and every corner of your home. Sometimes, looking for the right air filtration system can be difficult as well.

Our centralised ventilation system and air filtration system for landed properties help to make sure that your whole entire home will remain at the optimal temperature, leaving you cool and relaxed without battling with the humidity outside.

What are the pros and cons of having a centralised ventilation system?

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The pros of having a centralised ventilation system installed in your homes is that they ensure that the whole entire room is chilled and the level of relaxation and pleasure you will feel when you are home is immeasurable. The cooling technology of our air filtration system will ensure that the temperature of your home is constant throughout. You will never feel the heat when you walk out of your room to enter a different one if you installed this system throughout your homes. Centralised ventilation systems blend in seamlessly with the decor of your home. Unlike air conditioner units that are mostly known as this white machine fixated on the top of your room, centralised ventilation systems are not visible except the air compressor – usually located at the back of your homes. Fitting in with the aesthetics of your home perfectly. Our systems can be managed via programmable thermostats that will ensure that the temperature in your home is maintained at a comfortable temperature.

However, centralised ventilation systems can be very costly as they are meant to keep your entire home cooling, they require a lot of power and hence, this leads to higher utility bills. As the system helps to keep your entire home at a comfortable temperature – it also means that your entire home needs to be completely sealed off – an open window or door would mean that hot air is able to enter your homes, leading to the centralised ventilation system having to use even more power to keep the temperatures down.

How is this going to work?

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You can submit your preferences or design into our project inbox. After reviewing your project, our price configurator allows you to choose option is within the budget you have planned out. We will then generate a detailed and accurate quotation immediately for you to review and approve. Once the quotation is agreeable, we can start the project after you have made a 10% down payment. You will be constantly updated with the project at hand – timeline, documentations, etc. Installation and setting up of the systems will be covered entirely by us to provide you with a seamless and fuss-free experience.


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