Premium Kitchen Cabinet Wardrobe Promotions for HDB BTO Flat – Limited Sets Only (First Come First Serve)1 is a key local manufacturer for the kitchens and wardrobes, with experiences on how to make quality cabinet locally, yet the cost can be even lower than surrounding countries manufacturers. To achieve this, we carefully selected high-density plywood from selected local timber suppliers. Buy in bulk  at a time to lower the unit price and only order from regular reliable suppliers.

Why ? Low Cost + High Quality 👉 How Much My Kitchen Cabinet Cost? try out the most advanced and accurate price configurator in Singapore.

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Plywood and laminates are the most expensive material for making cabinets. By limiting the options and order in bulk at a time, we were able to get a great deal.

It is worth pointing out that most customers pay attention to price per foot, often ignore the density of plywood, in fact the density of plywood varies a lot. We choose not to compromise the density as we concern about defects in the long run and company reputation.

To sum up, not only the price per foot must be considered, but plywood density and quality must also be considered. Extra $10 per foot can prolonged your cabinet for extra years. In return, saving more.
Please click 🎬 LDP VS HDP test from video to find out why.

To kept the prices low, we have to limit designs too while it is still a custom made kitchen rather than modular kitchen. 👉  How About Modular Kitchen Cost?


Our price configurator let you choose options that best align with your budget, our dedicated AI engine will generate a detailed. simply input the combined length of your kitchen cabinet needed from your floor plan or do a measurement yourself, select kitchen promotion theme, Start the project with only 10% deposit! or simply whatsapp our team @ 📞+65 8839 3899, or click on the right bottom page whatsapp icon and start chatting with our designers.

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Find yourself lost❓ you can watch a video on how to customise kitchen cabinet yourself on our youtube channel with the youtube link below. 👇
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Kitchen Promotion in Singapore

Along the way, we’ll contact you updates with phone, the messaging function within the project inbox specially designed for better project management, important timeline, decision, documentation would be captured too. Once fabrication done, we’ll inform, deliver and install! It’s that simple.

Speedy Decor Design, Fabricate and Install Wardrobe in Laminate Finishing C/W:
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Now, be your own pro and click on the 👆 Auto Quote Buttom 👆 top and to do a auto quote on how much your kitchen cabinet would cost you if our sales aren’t replying you quick enough. runs our production space and facilities at E9 Premium building, our design office/drafting is located here too. We have a work force of over 80 skilled workers in the highly customized premium carpentry works, paneling works, metal works, partition, ceiling works, electrical, lighting, cabling works, aircon works. we runs one of the best equipped, and one of the biggest production in Singapore, you are always welcome to contact our team.

7 has made its mark in the contract businesses,interior design, drafting, interior fit-out Industry, spray work, metal works. At Singapore Carpentry, our vision is to maximise value for our customers. For decades, we have provided quality services at an affordable price.


In order to increase productivity and efficiency, automate production plays important role. Our automatic cutting saws are 8 times more efficient than manual saws. It not only increased the efficiency, also improves the quality of your cabinet.

Thanks to our ideas of  providing good quality furniture to the vast majority of families at greater prices through well thought out automated production facilities. automated production (3) automated production (1)If you are keen how find out more on the carpentry works, you might click on the youtube link below to understand why precision can be achieved with automation.
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