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No matter the home or apartment, the person at their home has a variety of Furniture Storage in Singapore for each of their home needs. Whether it’s a bed, couch, table, chair, or anything for that matter, it all serves the purpose of making life easier and comfortable for a person.

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However, with the comfort of furniture comes with the need of someday having to store it away. Whether it’s because they’re moving away, are getting new furniture, need to store furniture or whatever the reason may be, people need to figure out their storage for furniture.

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We will highlight a few different storage options including short term furniture storage and temporary furniture storage. Let’s take a look!

General Options and Knowing Your Size Requirements

Generally speaking, people understand what storage units are and where there’s one near them. If this is the case for you, you can do a quick google search and find an instant result near them.

However, you need to keep in mind is that you need to figure out the exact size requirement that you’ll need. If you were to just eyeball it and not take proper measurements, you might have too small of a storage unit which will only make you feel annoyed. Not to mention it’ll cause a waste of money.

On the other hand, if you overcompensate and get too large of a space, you’ll only be wasting money for space that you don’t need. However, it’s always better to buy more than you need. It’s always possible to downsize than it is to increase the size of a room that can’t be increased.

Short Term Furniture Storage/Temporary Furniture Storage

For a short term option, we have listed a few different options for this. Not all of these are possible for every person, but if they’re available, they can be an alternative to a traditional storage unit.

1. Friend or Relatives House

Friend or Relatives House

If you have a friend or relative who has enough room to store a piece of your furniture, consider reaching out to them.

They’ll more than likely say yes and be able to do your favor. Just make sure you have a way of transporting it there, otherwise, it’d be pointless to ask.

2. Garage


If you have a garage, then consider putting the furniture you need to be stored away in there. A garage isn’t just meant for a car, so you might as well utilize it.

However, keep in mind this should only be for temporary furniture storage. Anything that stays in a garage too long runs the risk of getting ruined.

3. Storage Facilities

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There are a variety of storage facilities in Singapore available for your choosing. You can do a comparison of price easily and find out if they do provide the storage sizes that you desire. Some facilities will also provide moving and transporting service which will be helpful for bulky items.

If you are looking for somewhere affordable to store your furniture on a temporary basis, we at Speedy Decor have the perfect solution for you. We have the experience to care for and transport items that are delicate or bulky. Our storage facilities are built specifically to contain items of a bulky nature like furniture. We are also able to move and transport these furniture’s to the location of your request at your convenience. Do consider us whenever you need a place to store your furniture and ensure that they are not damaged in any way!

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