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Reception areas – the image our clients are greeted with first. This means that a wonderfully designed reception area will create a better first impression on them. However, not many of us are experts in designing reception halls and areas.

There are many designs and themes that one can incorporate into their reception hall designs. It is crucial that the designs are able to capture the brand of the organisation and company as well as the culture and message the company wants to showcase to their clients and visitors.

The flow and layout also needs to have the ability to control the flow of visitors – once they greeted the receptionist, is there an area for them to relax while they wait for their appointment? The design and image of the reception hall has to be welcoming and practical. These are some points to consider when thinking of a reception hall design.

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What needs to be considered

A stylish and pleasant theme that goes well with your company’s image and brand is definitely the first step to consider when thinking of designs for your reception area. The first image that greets your clients and employees – a warm and welcoming sight will be sure to boost everyone’s spirits when they enter the office. This environment will also create a pleasant atmosphere while your clients and visitors wait for their appointment slots.

With a simple and straightforward layout, your visitors and clients will have an easy time navigating throughout your office. A perfect flow from the elevator to the doorstep of your office, the receptionist desk and the seating area without encountering any obstacles will prove to be an excellent experience to your clients and visitors.

While they wait for their turn, a comfortable seating area coupled with plush sofas is mandatory. To ensure that they are relaxed while they wait, an optimal number of seats are necessary – too little seats will result in them standing while they wait for their turn.

With a steady inflow of clients and visitors, durable materials are needed to slow down the wear and tear of the furniture in the reception areas. It is best to use highly durable materials that are able to withstand the test of time.

How we can help?

Our designers can help to create an elegant, soothing and comfortable space that accurately embodies the branding and tone of the company. If you already have an idea in mind, you can submit them into our project inbox. After reviewing it, our price configurator will allow you to choose an option within the budget you have already planned out, we can also give a range of options for you to pick on.

A detailed and accurate quotation will immediately be sent to you to review and approve. Once the quotation is agreed, and a 10% down payment is made, we can start on the project. With constant updates on the project at hand – timeline, documentations, etc, rest assured that the project will be completed within the stipulated time. Installation and setting up of the reception area will be covered entirely by us to provide you with a seamless and fuss-free experience.

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