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New BTO homeowners in Singapore, how to renovate your new house with the most savings?
Today I’m sharing a subversive topic with you: group renovations for BTO homeowners in Singapore!

HDB Flat Group Renovation  for BTO Owners in Singapore, It’s Coming!

Have you heard of Group Renovation ? It’s a revolutionary concept that allows new HDB flat owners to collaborate and save on renovation costs.

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New homeowners HDB-BTO renovation are firstly looking for local design studios to consult and take care of the construction.
At present, the high cost of manpower and site costs in Singapore, the design studio companies doing home renovation island-wide, 99% ID companies are only in the form of design studio office or small shop existence, do not set up their own team of workers, do not have the ability to have their own plant and machinery and equipment.
Therefore, ID design rooms need to rely on third-party companies for plumbers and electricians, carpentry teams, tilers and other aspects of the cost, ID companies have to charge, the third-party team also have to charge, these costs are ultimately borne by the homeowner!!!!
Thus greatly increasing the price and cost of the renovation! Thus leading to increase in cost budget, inability to control the quality, and long delays in construction leading to uncertainty in delivery time, and expensive after sales service when problems arise.

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SPEEDYDECOR Unique Selling Proposition (USP):
A.Rich Experience: We have 30 years of experience in the renovation industry, serving over 10,000 units of residential renovation and have accumulated an excellent reputation.
B.State-of-the-art facilities: Our own factory is equipped with advanced German machinery, enabling us to deliver high quality results efficiently.
C. Skilled workforce: Our team of over 100 specialised workers is committed to ensuring first-class workmanship and technology.
D. No Third Party Costs: By handling all aspects of the refurbishment process in-house, we eliminate the need for third party involvement, thereby reducing project costs and streamlining the project process.
E. Uniform Material Purchasing: We purchase raw materials directly in bulk, reducing renovation budget costs and ensuring consistent quality.

TÜV SÜD Plywood

(For individual needs) Environmental practices: Concerned about health and the safety of the owners, we are the first to use TUV testing low formaldehyde, low volatility of the plate, to achieve the highest international standards, to truly protect the health of the country, especially the elderly and children in the home environment.

GROUP BUYING EVENTS: A group buying event called HAPPYDAY is held every Saturday exclusively for new homeowners. Pre-register to participate in.

Can enjoy the following benefits:
Free Design Consultation: Get three free VR design styles and quotes.
FREE TRANSPORTATION: Complimentary shuttle to WOODLANDS showroom to view decorating materials.
Free meal and gift: Free meal, gift and lucky draw after the visit.
Discounted price: Group purchase discount, five people group purchase can enjoy 10% discount, ten people group purchase can enjoy 15% discount, twenty people group purchase can enjoy 20% discount.
30 years of local company, transparent price, honest operation
No extra fees: Avoid third-party charges.
Reliable Contractors: Eliminate worries about unreliable ID companies by working with trusted contractors.
Efficient Process: Prevent delays and stay on budget.
Additional Group Buying: In addition to decorating, we can group buy items such as curtains, dining tables and Murphy beds to further reduce the overall cost.

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This group-buying campaign ensures a seamless and cost-effective renovation process, making moving into your new HDB flat as easy as moving into a flat. Join the group buy campaign and save money by easily remodelling your stylish new home.


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