Elevating HDB Living:  Group  Renovation Revolution

HDB homeowners can move in hassle-free just like CONDO homeowners!

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Renovating an HDB flat in Singapore can be a complex and worrisome endeavor for existing homeowners. From concerns about unprofessional renovation companies to the financial burden of mandatory kitchen and cabinet refurbishments, the challenges are substantial. Enter SPEEDYDECOR, a local factory with over 30 years of experience, equipped with cutting-edge German machines, a dedicated spraying room, and a team of more than 100 skilled professionals. SPEEDYDECOR has embarked on a mission to transform HDB living into a luxurious and stress-free experience with its innovative Group Buy Renovation Promotion.

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Addressing Common Concerns:

1. **Professionalism and Reliability:**
SPEEDYDECOR takes pride in its three decades of local expertise. By employing first-class German machines and maintaining a team of over 100 professionals, the company ensures that HDB homeowners receive reliable and professional service, alleviating concerns about unscrupulous contractors.


2. **Affordable Kitchen and Cabinet Refurbishment:**
Recognizing the financial strain of mandatory kitchen and cabinet refurbishments, SPEEDYDECOR offers a cost-effective solution. Through their group buy promotion, homeowners can enjoy high-quality renovations without breaking the bank.

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3. **Transparent Renovation Time and Budget:**
SPEEDYDECOR understands the frustration of unexpected costs from third-party involvement. By providing transparent and detailed project plans, homeowners can rest assured that their budget will be utilized efficiently, eliminating surprise expenses.

4. **Professionally Designed Plans:**
One of the unique offerings from SPEEDYDECOR is the provision of three sets of decoration design plans tailored to each HDB house type, and all free of charge. This ensures that the final result aligns with the homeowner’s style preferences, eliminating the worry of dissatisfaction post-renovation.

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5. **Collaborative Furniture Group Purchases:**
Recognizing the desire for a cohesive home environment, SPEEDYDECOR encourages collaboration among HDB owners. Through their group buy promotion, homeowners can team up for collective purchases of dining tables, sofas, and beds, creating a harmonious interior.

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6. **Comprehensive After-Sales Service:**
SPEEDYDECOR values customer satisfaction beyond the renovation phase. The company promises an ideal after-sales service, addressing any issues promptly to ensure a seamless transition into the newly renovated home.

Exclusive Benefits for HDB Owners:

In addition to addressing common concerns, SPEEDYDECOR offers exclusive benefits to HDB owners participating in the group buy promotion. The company’s commitment to health is evident through panels tested by France, China, and Japan to ensure zero formaldehyde and zero volatiles, promoting a safe and healthy home environment.

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Moreover, the group buy promotion has a limited quota, with the opening group restricted to 20 people. This ensures that SPEEDYDECOR can maintain the highest quality of service and attention to detail for each homeowner.

As a token of appreciation for HDB owners who introduce new participants to the group buy promotion, SPEEDYDECOR offers a set of Italian-style rock slab dining table and electrical gifts. This not only fosters community engagement but also rewards homeowners for expanding the SPEEDYDECOR family.


SPEEDYDECOR’s Group Buy Renovation Promotion for HDB flats in Singapore stands as a beacon of innovation, addressing and alleviating the common concerns of existing homeowners. With a commitment to professionalism, transparency, and customer satisfaction, SPEEDYDECOR is redefining HDB living, offering a path to luxurious and stress-free renovations for all.

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