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What is the “micro-cement” that has taken the Internet by storm?

What are its advantages over traditional cement? How much do you know about this new material? Next, follow the editor to take a look at it, installed a satisfactory home!
First, what is micro cement?
Micro cement is equal to cement! It is a new type of surface finishing material, a kind of surface material mixed by cement, water-based resin, mineral pigment, etc. It is suitable for creating a wabi-sabi style and minimalist style, which can achieve the same colour of the wall, roof and floor and a seamless sense of wholeness and visual extensibility.
Second, the advantages of micro-cement1 , wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, not easy to crack
Micro cement has very strong strength, wear resistance and compression resistance is much higher than the market cement self-levelling, traditional cement.
Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off (in the case of grass-roots not cracking), micro-cement contains high-performance resin high-performance cement formula, many surfaces can be used. Can be used on many surfaces: gypsum, paint, cement, granite, plasterboard, wood, marble and so on.
2、Green and healthy, formaldehyde-free and dust-free

The VOC of micro cement is far lower than the EU standard, the organic volatile matter is far lower than the paint, almost no dust will be produced when sanding, and there is no formaldehyde!
3、Waterproof and non-flammable, hydrophilic and oleophobic

No need for surface waterproof coating also has excellent waterproof, microcement fire rating, non-flammable, for many fire requirements of the place is a good choice, even if the surface matte coating damage, water and oil stains will not penetrate into the microcement. Waterproof and non-seepage, fireproof and non-flammable, fire-resistant grade Euroclasses A1 FL S1
4、Anti-bacteria and moisture resistance, anti-slip and easy to clean

Bacteria inhibition rate of up to 99%, humid conditions will not be mouldy, especially suitable for Singapore’s special climate, especially the bathroom and kitchen. The same colour on the top floor, seamless overall sense and visual extensibility.

5. Colour and texture can be custom-designed with rich styles. It has a delicate smoke pattern, a hard-boiled frosted pattern and a vintage mottled pattern, which is highly compatible with home styles.

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Third, the disadvantages of microcement
1, micro-cement effect is very test of construction craftsmanship, no professional training of the master if you do not understand the performance of the material, do not master the construction method is very easy to turn over.
2, serious leakage of the house can lead to water seepage. Microcement is permeable to water, so it will absorb water and colour, it will be easy to leave a mark.
3, micro-cement and stone levels similar to barefoot will feel relatively cold and hard, compared with wooden floors feel worse.


Fourth, how to avoid micro cement cracking
Micro cement floor must be paved with tiles and then do, have a good ground base is crucial! Must ensure the stability of the grass-roots level of the ground, the grass-roots level first can not occur cracking, because the micro-cement floor itself is only 3 mm thick, once the grass-roots level of cracking, the surface of this layer of decorative layer will certainly follow the crack. So most of the ground cracking situation is the ground grass-roots level is not dealt with!

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V. Construction points
1, the process is more complex, the operation is more rigorous. From special primer primer, material scraping, cover treatment. A total of three times 12 procedures of rigorous operation to achieve the physical properties of micro cement and special texture texture.

2, micro cement on the grass-roots level requirements, grass-roots stability and flatness to determine the stability of grass-roots level and flatness, and do a good job of levelling and patching work.

3, you must avoid cross-construction, the official construction before the site should be protected from dust.
4, the construction is completed need maintenance period, generally depends on the weather and temperature wall construction is completed after 3 days can be used normally, the ground construction is completed after 7 days can be accessed, such as follow-up personnel to enter the site of the construction, the need for ground protection

Six, micro-cement applications
1, the new house decoration micro cement whether to do seamless ground, or some wall and ground seamless skirting design, including kitchen and bathroom integrated wall top bottom, and pool wet area can be used.
2、Old house renovation

Microcement has a very strong covering effect, in the old house renovation renovation, you can use microcement directly in the tile or marble surface covering, can greatly shorten the working period and labour costs.

3、Bathroom space

Microcement’s antibacterial property is as high as 99%, even if the bathroom space will not cause mould due to the humid environment, completely solving the problem of water seepage and mouldy return of traditional cement in Singapore housing.
4、Public space

Microcement also has the characteristics of anti-mould and waterproof, which can be used in shopping malls, office buildings and other public places with high waterproof requirements.

5、Self-smoothing ground repair

Repairing the cracked ground of traditional cement self-levelling is a very important role of microcement, and the wear-resistant and good adsorption effect of microcement can ensure that the repaired ground will not be cracked again.

6、Painting the facade

The waterproof and easy-to-clean characteristics of microcement are very suitable for the renovation and painting of the facade of the building.

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Whether it is the wall or the ground, the post maintenance is very time-saving, effort-saving and worry-saving. Professional environmentally friendly cleaning fluid can be used, containing biodegradable components, following the concept of environmental protection, can effectively remove stubborn stains, is specially designed for the clean-up of micro-cement system.

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