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Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Custom Shower Screen

A refreshing, warm shower is a perfect fix at any time, whether it is after a morning jog, a long day at work or a bedtime bath – well, until you step out of the shower and realize that your bathroom is flooded. Behind every good shower is a great shower screen, especially if you want to preserve that classy look for your shower bath without using an old-fashioned curtain. Shower screens are both aesthetic and functional, making them a key essential that any bathroom should have.

What are Shower Screens Anyway?

Shower screens typically come as glass panels affixed to the wall of a shower. Their main purpose is to keep the water contained within your shower area, preventing the rest of your bathroom from flooding. You could easily use a shower curtain for the same purpose, except shower screens maintain that aesthetic look while serving their purpose well. Since they are smooth glass panels, they are also usually easier to clean with a glass wiper.

Shower screens are typically made of transparent glass in varying thicknesses to your liking. They can also come with extra ornaments, such as handles and hinges. There are a few standard types of shower screens:

Single panel screens are probably what first comes to your mind when you think of shower screens. They are a single pane of glass stretching out partially to divide your shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Most single panel shower screens are frameless, making for a clean addition sure to fit in any style of bathroom.

Double panel screens can operate like shower doors, with a hinge in the centre. They typically also come longer than single panel screens, which can be helpful if your shower area is larger and you want to cover more area.

Folding screens are a dream come true for small bathroom owners. While regular shower screens may take up too much space in a tiny bathroom, folding screens can easily retract to the side of the wall when not in use, providing more space to navigate in your bathroom.

Which Shower Screen is Right For Me?

You may find yourself spoilt for choice when shopping for shower screens. Aside from the different types of shower screens, you will also find them in all dimensions and thicknesses. To have an idea of which shower screens you should be after, measure the area you want your screen to occupy. Be sure to take the different screen styles into consideration – some styles may not be available in certain sizes.

Shower screens are typically measured in millimeters. They stand about 1400-1500mm tall and are 3-8mm thick. It is important to consider that the thicker and taller the screen, the heavier it is – which may be a problem if you are installing the screen yourself. Thicker screens also tend to cost more.
If you are unable to decide, you can always check with a professional to hear their opinion.

How Much Maintenance Do Shower Screens Require?

Not a lot – shower screens are relatively easy to maintain, they just need a regular wipe-down to keep them looking clean and new. You can use a small window wiper to clean the water and any soap off your shower screen after every use. If keeping the screen clean is an issue, you can also go for a higher-end Custom shower screen that comes with an easy-clean coating, making cleaning a breeze. Neglecting to clean your shower screen could result in it becoming stained, which would definitely not be a look anyone would want in their bathroom.

Are Shower Screens Kid-Friendly?

If you have little ones, rest assured that shower screens are perfectly safe for the kids as long as you invest in a good, high-quality screen. Your shower screen should be made from reinforced safety glass and beveled so that it has a smooth edge. Most decent shower screens should hold up fine in your family bathroom. If you’re extra worried about safety, folding screens are always an option, which can be neatly kept when not in use. You may also want to go for a framed shower screen to make it more visible in the bathroom.

Is it Easy to Install a Shower Screen?

You can definitely install a shower screen yourself if you know what you’re doing! Looking up some guides online should give you an idea of what to do. If you are worried about ruining your shower screen or wall though, we recommend going with a professional installation just to be safe – if you purchased your shower screen from an interior decorator, they should have someone who can help you with the installation. You can always observe them see how they do it.

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