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5 Reasons Why Wood is the Most Eco-friendly Furniture Choice

Are you in the market for new furniture? You may be wondering which material you should go with, out of all the available options. Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose sustainability at a decent price while enjoying the ambience you desire? Well, if you are looking for the most environmentally friendly option, we absolutely recommend getting wooden furniture that is sustainably sourced. Here’s why you should go for custom carpentry in Singapore.

1.     Wood is Renewable

Instead of coming from a man-made factory, wood is naturally occurring in trees and greenery all around us. It continuously grows in nature as a result of the sunlight, rain and nutrients in our environment. For instance, most people may not think of our tiny island as a reliable producer of wood – but though unintentionally, Singapore does produce hundreds of logs a day, mostly as a by-product of our urban redevelopment goals. Since these logs are fresh, they often quickly rot without being put to use. While it is true that over-harvesting of wood can be a detriment to our environment, sustainable harvesting is part of the natural life cycle of a forest and can help to promote healthy tree growth. Tons of wood would otherwise go to waste every year – why not repurpose them into useable furniture instead?

2.     Wood is Lasting

Tired of having to replace your furniture every few years? A quality piece of wooden furniture can last for decades or even centuries. Wood was the material of choice in olden times, and plenty of antique furniture from bygone eras is still being passed down through generations in families. Strong and durable, wood is made to withstand the wear and tear of the years. Additionally, if your furniture lasts for a long time, you will not need to go and buy new ones – reducing the energy needed to produce new furniture. Most wood meant for furniture use is treated to ensure that it lasts, but the key to retaining your wooden furniture decades down the road is to take good care of it. Instead of spending money on replacing cheaper furniture regularly, we recommend investing in a quality piece of custom made carpentry.

3.     Wood is Recyclable and Biodegradable

If you ever need to throw out your furniture, hold on to those wooden products for a moment. Most wooden furniture can be repurposed or recycled into something more useful, extending its lifespans. This also helps to lower the carbon footprint and reduce the need to fell more trees for a fresh supply of wood. Some homeowners are even drawn to the rustic charm of reclaimed wood for their house. Even if your piece of wooden furniture is beyond saving, it can easily be disposed of with little environmental repercussion and converted into energy that gives back to nature. The wood itself is a renewing product – even in production, it leaves behind hardly any waste. Leftover wood from furniture production is typically used for other purposes, such as being converted into wood chips for chipboard, kindling, cat litter, sawdust, and more.

4.     Wood Comes in Large Variety

Whether you are going for a rustic look, a modern makeover or any other theme, you can be certain to find a type of wood that will fit your needs. Trees grow all over the world and in different climates, with hundreds of different choices that each has their unique look and feel. Different varieties also grow at their own speeds, so you could always opt for a fast-growing and highly sustainable type, such as bamboo, for the least environmental impact. Wood is versatile and can be carved into practically any shape or size, meaning you can order custom made carpentry specially designed for your home. Wooden furniture can be carved from solid wood, planks of wood chips, or even assembled together if you would like to get a little more hands-on.

5.     Wood Calms Anxiety and Lowers Stress Levels

In multiple studies conducted in Norway, Japan, Canada, and Austria, researchers found that wood appears to have beneficial effects on people’s physical, mental and emotional health. Being around wooden structures was shown to decrease pulse rate and blood pressure, inducing a calming effect. This could be because wood is warmer and cozier than man-made materials, and it is also naturally occurring, making people feel more at ease and giving them a sense of safety when they touch a wooden surface. In contrast, when research participants touched a surface of stainless steel, aluminum, or cool plastic, their blood pressure increased. Wood is often regarded by builders as a cozy material. It creates a sense of homeliness, relaxes the mind, and makes one feel close to nature. As such, it’s the perfect material to bring into your home!

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