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What You Need to Know About Choosing the Right HDB Door

No house is complete without a door. Throughout your HDB renovation journey, you have no doubt had to consider a door – or two – at some point. Whether it is your front door, bedroom door, kitchen door, bathroom door or any other door, have you wondered which type of door fits these purposes best?

Apart from affording you and your family some privacy, doors also serve aesthetic purposes. The right type of door can complement the rest of your HDB interior design, bringing out the flavour in your home.

What Are the Guidelines for a Door in HDB Interior Design?

It is no secret that HDB renovation often includes plenty of rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. Well, if you are simply looking to place a new interior door in an existing door frame, the good news is you should not need a permit as long as your new door keeps to the same measurements as the old one. However, if you are shifting the position of an interior door in your house, you will probably have to apply for permission from HDB to ensure the position of your new door does not coincide with any load-bearing columns.

For front doors, you may need to seek approval from HDB if the main entrance to your home is on the way to the fire escape route. For example, if your main door is facing the staircase or within 3 metres of the lift lobby, your door will have to be fire-rated. A 30-minute fire rating is required, as well as a door closer. If you are unsure whether your main door fits the requirements of HDB, it is always best to seek advice from a HDB renovation contractor.

What Materials are Recommended for HDB Doors?

Timber Doors

At the mention of HDB doors, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the traditional wooden door. These are made of hardwood or softwood timber, which create a sense of cosiness in a home. The durability and simplicity of timber doors have made them the timeless classic choice, from past to present. Additionally, timber doors can easily be styled in numerous ways befitting your home’s theme. Depending on the design and type of wood, the price of a timber door can soar together with its quality.

Glass Doors

A more recent style, glass doors have quickly gained popularity in HDB interior design owing to their clean look that affords visibility. Whether you are going for a minimalist look, want to cool your home down or simply plan to keep an eye on the kids, the many varieties of glass doors will not disappoint. Modern processing methods enable homeowners to enjoy tempered glass, frosted glass, stained glass and more in their home. Most glass doors come with an aluminium frame, but for that extra clean touch, omit the frame and convert your glass panel into a sliding door.

PVC Doors

PVC doors are newer to the HDB renovation scene, but they have made their mark as highly resistant doors, able to withstand harsh environmental changes and heavy use. These doors are typically reinforced with aluminium and resistant to humidity, extreme temperature changes and pests. They are also remarkably easy to clean, making this low-maintenance material a great choice for bathroom doors.

Laminate Doors

Laminate doors are another trending option in Singapore HDB renovation these days. They may look like lightweight wooden doors, but they are in actuality very durable and shock-resistant. Laminate doors are made of a composite core pressed with 3mm plywood and a 1mm-thick high-pressure laminate glued on it. The texture and colour of a laminate door comes in many different options, making them a popular choice for modern home designs.

Popular Door Mechanisms in HDB Interior Design

Hinged Doors

You can’t go wrong with the traditional hinged door, seen in buildings and rooms all around the world. Most door frames in HDB units accommodate hinges, making it easy to install a new hinged door. Additionally, since hinges are one of the most common door mechanisms, you will always be able to find a hinged door material that fits your needs.

Sliding Doors

If you are dealing with space constraints, a sliding door may be the way to go. Instead of having to clear a space for your door to swing through, using a sliding door affords you more space to place an extra piece of furniture or appliance. Sliding doors can also be safer than swinging doors because the moment of the door occupies less space, which can make them more suitable for toddlers or pets.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors, or folding doors, are another innovation on the concept of saving space. These doors are commonly used as bathroom doors or room dividers. Folding doors feature multiple panels that fold onto one another, allowing your door to retract into a small space when open.

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