Warranty Coverage

Warranty and Care Guidelines for Your Furniture

At Speedy Decor, we provide a 12-month warranty for hinges, runners, and hardware, and a 5-year warranty for Blum hardware. However, damages caused by improper usage or lack of care for the delivered furniture will not be covered and rectifications will be chargeable. This is especially true for damages caused by water.

Please note that our cabinets are mainly made with wooden panels, which can be susceptible to bending when exposed to heat from cooking or cold from air conditioning. While this is a natural property of wood that cannot be prevented, we do strive to control any variation or gaps to within 5 mm.

We commonly perform re-silicon work to seal the gap between the wall and cabinets. However, this work is not covered by our warranty as silicon can dry up and contract over time, especially in rooms with intensive air conditioning usage. Any re-silicon work will thus be chargeable.

Laminate bulging caused by direct heat or scratches from knives, such as when chopping fruits on top of a laminate countertop, will not be covered by our warranty. Similarly, any cutting or scratches caused by children will not be covered.

Please also note that any laminate chipping off at the corners or edges of a cabinet due to improper care or usage will not be covered.

While most of our boards are chemically treated to prevent termites, any termite infestation from nearby units or older furniture can still occur. If you live in a termite zone or super humid area, please inform us prior to furniture fabrication so that we can provide an intensive board treatment.

We want you to enjoy your furniture for years to come, so please follow our care guidelines to ensure its longevity.

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