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2k wireless smart IP camera S2

2k wireless smart IP camera S2

Product Description
ORVIBO S1 Security 2K CCTV PTZ indoor wifi smart IP camera

wifi smart IP camera

Remote monitoring in real time.
 Supports two-way audio.
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SmartHome Regular Package

SmartHome Regular Package

Regular Package
  1. - Switch              x4                      
  2. - Curtain kit        x1                      
  3. - Camera           x1
  4. - LED(2m)         x1
  5. - Doorlock         x1
  6. - Allone pro       x1
  7. - Smart socket  x1
GST incl.     Delivery and Installation will be quoted accordingly.Follow us on facebook for more details.


SmartHome Premium Package

SmartHome Premium Package

Premium Package
  1. - Switch             x8
  2. - Allone pro         x1
  3. - Curtain kit         x4
  4. - Smart socket     x3
  5. - Camera           x1
  6. - Camera(1080p) x1
  7. - LED                 x2
  8. - Smoke Sensor    x1
  9. - Doorlock         x1
  10. - Door sensor     x1
  11. - Clothes hanger x1
    Follow us on facebook for more details.GST incl.     Delivery and Installation will be quoted accordingly.


    RGB LED strip

    RGB LED strip

    1. 2M length cut at every 85mm
    2. 144 LEDs,  72 RGB+72 white
    3. Power adapter input/output 220v/12v
    4. Scene interaction available
    5. Easy configuration
    6. 3M double sided sticky tape


    HD IP Camera

    HD IP Camera

    1. Dimension : 108*102*139mm
    2. SD Card : Max 64GB
    3. Power Supply : DC 5V/2A
    4. Video Quality : 1080P@15fps
    5. Image Sensor : 1/2.7’’ CMOS sensor
    6. Lens : 110 degrees angles view (FOV)
    7. IR-Cut : Built-in
    8. IRParameters : IR Distance of 10M
    9. Motion Detection : Support
    10. Wi-Fi : 802.11 b/g/n
    11. Field of View : Level: 350º; Vertical: 100º
    12. Installation : Desktop Stand or Wall mounting
    13. Operating Temperature : -10? ~ 50?


    Smart Curtain Motor Kit W40CZ

    Smart Curtain Motor Kit W40CZ

    Product Description
    ORVIBO Smart Home System Automatic Electric smart curtain motor
    Housing Material
    Power Supply
    AC100 240V 50/60Hz
    Product name
    smart curtain motor
    Communication protocol
    ZigBee HA
    Networking mode
    ZigBee automatic networking
    Wireless standard
    IEEE 802.15.4
    Working Frequency
    Working Channel

    ORVIBO smart curtain motor
    ORVIBO ZigBee Mini hub is the center of your smart home. Able to connect wirelessly with hundreds of compatible smart devices,
    allowing you to monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere.
    Details Images


    Smart Hanger

    Smart Hanger

    1. 12W LED panel
    2. 1248*323*220mm
    3. UV sanitize
    4. App control
    5. Scene interaction
    6. 40Kg tolerance


    Smart Door Lock T1

    Smart Door Lock T1

    SMART DOOR LOCK T1 Remote control by HomeMate APP IOS and Android

    Product Feature

    Based on the Ultra Low Power Consumption™ technology, achieved over 500 days of the power duration, and solved the problem of replacing batteries frequently.
    8 groups of built-in digital sensors to enable the double protection indoor and outdoor.
    Better GUI, Temporary Code for unexpected guests, Accurate Identification Enable individual settings.
    Working with Zigbee hub and connecting with multiple security sensors and devices,build the full-view smart home security system to protect home all day long. 
    Abandon complexity and adopt extremely simple lines to depict the purity and confidence.Adopt basic square and round to reflect the pursuit of origin and the courage of revolution.
    • Solid Tempered Glass Panel Efficiently prevent mud and scratches.
    • Stylish Ergonomic Handle Passed over 300 thousand times of opening and closing test.
    • Overall Zinc Alloy Die-casting Anti-corrosion, anti-collision and damage resistance
    • Super B class Pure Copper Cylinder, Features in the much more reliable performance of security than traditional cylinder.
    • One Click to Enable the Security Mode (Real-time Detecting, 24-hour Protection, APP Monitoring)
    •  Instant Notifications When Family Members Arrived Home
    •  Emergency Fingerprint and Password :Family members will receive the app notification when you open the door with the emergency fingerprint or password, and take actions timely to keep you safe. 
    • Scramble Password recognition: Input the numbers randomly before or after the true password to unlock.  Avoid the password disclosure when there is stranger beside.

    Product Description


    IP Camera SC32PT

    IP Camera SC32PT

    1. Input?5 VDC @ 1 A
    2. Infrared LED?10 pcs IR LED offer 6m sight distance in darkness
    3. Chip model?Hi3518E V200
    4. Size?68*68*125mm
    5. FPS?30fps (adjustable)
    6. Compressed image format?H.264 MP/ HP Level4.0
    7. Camera Lens?113°
    8. / H.264 / MJPEG/ JPEG compress standard
    9. Night vision ?Switch optical filter auto
    10. Resolution?720P/VGA/QVGA
    11. DDR?128M
    12. Audio?Tow way
    13. Sensors?1/4” OV9732 1MP CMOS


    Zigbee Mini Hub

    Zigbee Mini Hub

    1. Communication protocol:  ZigBee HA
    2. Networking mode:  ZigBee automatic networking
    3. Wireless standard:  IEEE 802.15.4
    4. Working Frequency:2.4GHz
    5. Working Channel:11,14,15,19,20,24,25
    6. Modulation mode:  OQPSK
    7. Encryption:  AES128
    8. Communication rate:  250Kbps
    9. Wireless transmitting power:  18dBm
    10. Wireless receiving sensitivity:  -90dBm


    B25 WIFI Socket

    B25 WIFI Socket

    Product Description

    Turn your home electrical appliances on/off from mobile phone anywhere with internet connected.
    Support iOS and Android (2.3 or above) mobile devices (homemate app should be installed).
    Smart link technology, auto search router WiFi network (LAN).
    Power indicator helps tracking energy consuming.
    Easy installation, easy handing and can be activated immediately and stably.
    Works With Amazon Alexa: A region that uses English, German, and Japanese, compatible with Amazon Alexa;
    Works With Google Home: Compatible with Google Home without national and regional restrictions;

    Switch function:
    1. Reset to defaults: Connecting socket to power, press switch constantly until it is in fast blinking with red light(5times/s).
    2. AP configure: Connecting socket to power, press switch constantly until it is fast blinking with blue light(5times/s).
    3. Switch on/off the power of socket.
    Color: Pearl white
    Material: ABS
    Power supply: AC110-230V~ 50Hz 10A
    Plug: EU/UK Plug(optional)
    Max current: 10A
    Wireless frequency: 2.412~2.484GHz
    Wireless IEEE standards: IEEE802.11b/g/n
    Security type: WEP/TKIP/ AES
    Security mechanism: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    support: Amazon Alexa and Google Home
    Wireless consuming: 0.3W
    Max power: 2000W((Resistive load)
    Working temperature: -20~70Celsius
    Working humidity: 80%
    Product size: 103 x 63 x 37mm / 4.0 x 2.5 x 1.5in
    Product weight: 104g / 3.7oz
    Package size: 16 x 10.4 x 7.5cm / 6.4 x 4.1 x 3.0in
    Package weight: 273g / 9.64oz

    Package included:
    1 x WiFi Socket 

    Orvibo Wi-Fi Smart Socket Outlet US Plug, Turn ON/OFF Electronics from Anywhere, White (HomeMate-S20)

    Orvibo B25 Smart Home WiFi Socket Timing Power Plug Works with Amazon Alexa&Google Home Smartphone APP Control
    Orvibo B25 Smart Home WiFi Socket Timing Power Plug Works with Amazon Alexa&Google Home Smartphone APP Control
    Orvibo B25 Smart Home WiFi Socket Timing Power Plug Works with Amazon Alexa&Google Home Smartphone APP Control
    Orvibo B25 Smart Home WiFi Socket Timing Power Plug Works with Amazon Alexa&Google Home Smartphone APP Control
    Orvibo B25 Smart Home WiFi Socket Timing Power Plug Works with Amazon Alexa&Google Home Smartphone APP Control
    Orvibo B25 Smart Home WiFi Socket Timing Power Plug Works with Amazon Alexa&Google Home Smartphone APP Control


    RTA Stool_2

    RTA Stool_2

    1. Nail free design
    2. Easy to bring back home 
    3. Enhance practical skills
    4. DIY hobbyists


    Switchable Film

    Switchable Film

    • S$340/m^2
    • Low power consumption < 5W/m^2
    • Max. width : 1.86m ,   Length : 50m
    UV blocking: 98%
    • Installation(with delivery) is to be quoted
    • Standard delivery fee will be charged without installation
    • Lead time : 3 weeks




    18mm Birch PlywoodWidth: 600mm
    Length: 1200mm
    Height: 738mmSize adjustment available