What makes Speedydecor different?

We want to create values for customers and works with the best people in the industry = providing a better housing renovation services and experience. (We connecting factories and workers)
speedydecor.com runs own production and services, on top of that we are a portal to link up you and local manufacturers, designers and suppliers directly. Through our most advanced AI engine available on the market, we are able to provide various customized instant quotes with minimal customer input. Each customer will have a dedicated project inbox to achieve better communication and better project management. A quotation process for a kitchen usually take up hours or days, with our instant quoting function, it would be minutes. And you will receiving instant quotation via email.
Our platform is linking up the best local industry experts and suppliers to server individual home owners directly, this is only possible now because of IT, databases, new calculation methods.
In addition, we have a full range of automated production machines, best design and production software. Maximising on made in Singapore to minimize any rework.  We cant cover all trades , any contractor and supplier working with us must undergo quality control and assessment in order to be our part of our eco system. Service providers with complains and bad works would be removed from our platform.


Why we call ourself "speedydecor"

The whole idea is "SPEED".

We aim to deliver your project in very short period of time, for instance, 2 to 5 days. By having your furniture 95 percent done in our factory.

We take down your layout dimensions blue-print with our Leica 3D point to point device, which means we will be able to verify the property actual dimensions even in our factory .  


Our automated facilities

Our automated machines.

How we achieve the perfect cut/sizing for your furniture? picture4 We use computer controlled saw, to create near perfect sizing and cutting quality How we guarantee great edging with durability and quality?

picture6We use computer controlled edge machine with pressure rollers. With 10 automated stages.

Have you thought of water content that might go with air gun nails into your furniture?

picture9 picture10

We remove the waters content from compressed air with our water dryer, to prevent nail rusty inside your cabinet.

Homag CNC milling to achieve precision for your furniture


We use highly precised CNC machines with accuracy up to 0.1mm.


There are no distinct different for furniture made with expensive machines or small manual machine even handwork in the beginning, however after two to three years, your furniture will start showing signs of minor defects.

For example, the door edging of your kitchen cabinet would start to peeling off, this lead to more moisture absorption into the plywood,  these moisture from cooking, cleaning, resulting in bulging issues to your door or carcass panel, as time goes by, the process speeds up and eventually your cabinet needs to be replaced.

Other Facilities

we focus most of our strength on the carpentry work as this the only trade required precision machines off site.  And off site production had became a trend.  


Do I have to create an account to start a project?

For standard catalogue items you can order without creating an account, but for customised furniture, you will need to register as a user for us to capture your preferences, you are also required to enter your basic infor such as delivery address, contact number and email.


Is it compulsory to buy your appliances if I do carpentry work?

It is not a requirement, but it is highly recommended because we can have your appliances profile cutting done with our CNC machines rather than a manual tool at your place. You can save time searching appliances too.

Manual cut at your place with a hand-cut saw can never beat the quality a CNC cutting machine done at factory with accuracy of 0.1mm such as cutting the profile for your sink and hob installation.

    However if you decided to buy your own appliances. you should plan early or at least provide us your appliances dimension, as we when we design your furniture we need to consider each appliances dimensions for perfect cabinet compartment ratio, best door sizing and configuration.


How does Speedy Decor works?

We work directly with home owners and ID companies, we even accept owners' own designs, so we are extreme flexible. We rely on online platform to showcase our design ideas and keep in touch with our clients by our project inbox, this helps to reduce costs although a showroom for products display too. We work closely with local ID and fabricators too, often they can order from us to avoid unnecessary cost on rental, machinery, manpower. We welcome investors, product designers, IT specialist, and fabricators to work together to provide better services and values to our customer and clients.  


Is SpeedyDecor a price performer too?

Generally we can be much cheaper as long as same materials used in your interior works, due to our size, we buy bulk, meaning materials are cheaper, we produce with automated machines meaning we save more on manpower. Further to this, there is no middle man, and we send your furniture and appliances together, minimise extra labour costs, same group of installers, same tools, thus we are a integrated services provider saving your time too. Finally, we use platform to handle sales, our project inbox helps to manage the project with ease and minimise administrative costs. your design and dimension would be saved for your future upgrading too.


Can I run more than 1 project at a go?

Yes, you can run as many projects as possible under your account with different order number.


Can we change the price of the quotation?

The price quoted is the best price for you and our principle is providing standard price for all. We will not reply to any attempt to negotiate price, however if you've spotted serious mistakes on price quoted, you could still inform us via our project inbox.


How long will it take for the work start after I have paid?

That is based on your schedule booked, we would then work against your booked schedule. For instance, if your booked your installation in 2 week time, we will complete yourfabrication by at least 2 days earlier before your booked installation date, in most cases, the installation and disturbing would be kept within 2 to 5 days, you can also opt for express service at a fixed amount charge to speed up your fabrication and installation at $1888.00 should you need to move into the premises at shortest possible time. With better planing, renovation can be done within a weekend.


Will I get discount if i recommend a friend to SpeedyDecor?

Yes, we consider this as group buy, you will get discount, and your friend too. The group buy discount starting from minimum 2% for you and your friend, as long as your friend purchase at least 60% of your purchased amount. For bigger group buy size. the discount could go up to maximum 25% discount for all. This is normally for group buy size of 10 and above.


Cheque Payment Instructions

For payment by cheque, please prepare a cheque made payable to 'SpeedyDecor.Com Pte Ltd’, and indicate the invoice/order number on the back of the cheque and mail it to: SpeedyDecor.com Pte Ltd 61, Woodlands Industrial Park E9 #02-14, E9 Premium Singapore 757047 Please write Order ID # and your name on back of the cheque.


Bank Payment/Transfer Instructions/Paynow

For FAST transfers
  • UOB Bank Account:    358-306-884-6
  • Swift:                                 uovbsgsg
  • Bank Code:                      7375
  • Branch: Northpoint Branch (Code: 446)
Please whatsapp the transaction record to +65 8897 3670. Our corporate Paynow UEN NO is:      201623199W99W Paynow is a prefered option for deposit.  


Looking for a job opportunity in Speedydecor?

We welcome best interior sales and designers, platform designer, online sales experts, apps specialist,  CNC and automation machine operators to join us. We welcome project managers, general workers with years experiences to join us, especially welcome senior carpenters to join us. Please email your resume to: enquiry@speedydecor.com    
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