What makes Speedydecor different?

We are neither a contractor nor an ID company but one stop solution to your home renovation. We design, fabricate and install. Lower cost with no 3rd party involved. On top on these we have a strong project team and defect team. We have full range of automation machines, highly advanced design and production software , and a online platform specially cater for new home and upgrading works, it is easier to communicate directly with our dedicated project inbox, Most importantly all our conversions and your decisions are captured in our project inbox. Our furniture are 100% made in Singapore. Thus we are fully aware that for Speedydecor team, we have to prevent/minimise any rework and defects. We are more responsive and it would be a safe guarantee for our valuable customers.  


Why we call ourself "speedydecor"

The whole idea is "SPEED".

We aim to deliver your project in very short period of time, for instance, 2 to 5 days. By having your furniture 95 percent done in our factory.

We take down your layout dimensions blue-print with our Leica 3D point to point device, which means we will be able to verify the property actual dimensions even in our factory .  


Our facilities

Our automated machines.

You want perfect cut to your furniture? picture4

We use computer controlled saw



Not manual Table saw

You want great edging durability and quality?


We use computer controlled edge machine with pressure rollers. With 10 automated stages.


Not Manual edging machine with one automated stage.

Have thought of water content that might go with air gun nails into your furniture?

picture9 picture10

We remove the waters content from compressed air with our water dryer, to prevent nail rusty inside your cabinet.


Not this economical compressor

How we achieve precision for your furniture?


We use highly precised CNC machines with accuracy up to 0.1mm.   

picture13 picture14

Not these basic tools in the production


There are no distinct different for furniture made with expensive machines or small manual machine even handwork in the beginning, however after two years, your furniture will start showing signs of minor damages.

For example, the door edging of your kitchen cabinet would start to peeling off, more moisture absorption begins,  these moisture could be from cooking or cleaning, eventually

causes bulging to your door or carcass panel, all these will speed up the deteriorating.



Do I have to create an account to start a project?

For standard catalogue items you can order without creating an account, but for customised furniture, you will need to register as a user for us to capture your preferences, you are also required to enter your basic infor such as delivery address, contact number and email.


Is it compulsory to buy your appliances if I do carpentry work?

It is not a requirement, but it is highly recommended because we can have your appliances profile cutting done with our CNC machines rather than a manual tool at your place. You can save time searching appliances too.

Below is a photo showing the result of a hand-cut saw and a CNC finishes for sink installation.


picture-3 However if you decided to buy your own appliances. you should plan early or at least provide us your appliances dimension, as we when we design your furniture we need to consider each appliances dimensions for perfect cabinet compartment ratio, best door sizing and configuration.


How does Speedy Decor works?

We work directly with home owners and ID companies, we even accept owners' own designs, so we are extreme flexible. We rely on online platform to showcase our design ideas and keep in touch with our clients by our project inbox, this helps to reduce costs although we runs a showroom too. We work closely with local ID and fabricators too, so they can order from us and avoid unnecessary cost on rental, machinery, manpower. We work closely with local suppliers and overseas suppliers, as long as their material meets our quality standard so we can do better cost control. We welcome investors, product designers, IT specialist, and fabricators to work together to provide better services to our customer and clients.  


Is SpeedyDecor a price performer too?

Generally we can be much cheaper as long as same materials used in your interior works, due to our size, we buy bulk, meaning materials are cheaper, we produce with automated machines meaning we save more on manpower. Further to this, there is no middle man, and we send your furniture and appliances together, minimise extra labour costs, same group of installers, same tools, thus we are a integrated services provider saving your time too. Finally, we use platform to handle sales, our project inbox helps to manage the project with ease and minimise administrative costs. your design and dimension would be saved for your future upgrading too.


Can I run more than 1 project at a go?

Yes, you can run as many projects as possible under your account with different order number.


Can we change the price of the quotation?

The price quoted is the best price for you and our principle is providing standard price for all. We will not reply to any attempt to negotiate price, however if you've spotted serious mistakes on price quoted, you could still inform us via our project inbox.


How long will it take for the work start after I have paid?

That is based on your schedule booked, we would then work against your booked schedule. For instance, if your booked your installation in 2 week time, we will complete yourfabrication by at least 2 days earlier before your booked installation date, in most cases, the installation and disturbing would be kept within 2 to 5 days, you can also opt for express service at a fixed amount charge to speed up your fabrication and installation at $1888.00 should you need to move into the premises at shortest possible time. With better planing, renovation can be done within a weekend.
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